The 13 Reasons Why Memes Are Good .

 The “13 Reasons Why Memes Are Good” Tumblr post by Christopher Sandovaloff, an internet marketer based in Los Angeles, has been making the rounds this week, getting thousands of up-voted links on various social networking platforms. He claims that the hype is caused by his new marketing campaign for a brand that he owns. In fact, Sandovaloff tells the story of how he was once browsing through the Facebook pages of one of America’s most popular internet comedians, Jay Leno, and saw something that made him think that this guy knew something we didn’t. It was then that he decided to take this idea to its next level and create a business around it, selling collectible, custom-made “13 Reasons Why Memes Are Good” merchandise.

By selling these items, Sandovaloff hopes to give people a sense of pride in their urban culture. In the past, he says, the jokes told at comedy clubs have often been about black people being rap kings or rap queens, or other stories that didn’t resonate with mainstream audiences. Through his business, however, people will be able to share funny, culturally-inspired anecdotes through the artistry of the internet. He tells one such story of how he was once browsing through the Facebook pages of a comedian who goes by the name, “Relatable.”

This particular artist makes regular use of “Internet famous people” to punch up his comedy acts. For example, one of his specials had President Obama as the comic’s latest wacky boss. One of the punch lines was something to the effect of, “Look at all those lefties, trying to take down a black president.” It’s an interesting comment, if you stop to think about it. But it brings up a question of just how far the “Internet famous” concept has spread into mainstream American culture.

The “13 Reasons Why Monkeys Act” website also features the work of stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham. Dunham is another artist who markets himself through the “Internet famous” concept. One of the funny bits on Dunham’s website is one in which he lampoons rich Hollywood actors for being too broke to buy tickets to the canceled movie “Man On The Moon.” The joke is that since no one can actually buy tickets to this movie anymore, its fans all act like it was successful.

The “13 Reasons Why Monkeys Act” commercial is probably going to be the main driving force behind this latest cultural craze. Its release date has already been postponed several times. In a few months, perhaps there will be more mainstream interest in the work because of its novelty value. Until then, we can only look forward to seeing where this whole thing goes.

There are a lot of reasons why monkeys act funny. They do it because they can. Maybe they’re hungry, thirsty, lonely, frustrated, lonely, or tired. Sometimes people even purposely set themselves up in such a position. For example, if you’re living in a big city with a large number of cars chirping all the time and you don’t have a lot of space for yourself, you can set yourself up as a punch line in a joke.

There are a lot of other reasons why monkeys act funny too. In some cases, the act is completely unintentional. For instance, if two monkeys are fighting and one wants to take off running to chase a squirrel, the other monkey thinks it’s funny to chase after him. He may even laugh in triumph. But it’s still funny to the rest of the park, and that’s what counts.

And then there are the reasons why monkeys act in the way they do. The reasons don’t always have to do with wanting to get attention. Sometimes they’re just bored. Like any animal, they need to go. And sometimes they’re simply being protective of their home and territory. Either way, it’s funny.

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