memes meaning in urdu ? Memes have started a new trend recently in Pakistan and the world at large.

Memes have started a new trend recently in Pakistan and the world at large. It is no big secret that the Pakistani people love to share videos, photos, and anything and everything online. Now it’s even easier as all internet cafes now offer free wi-fi, a trend that was started by Facebook. The internet in Pakistan started getting better after that and now with so many channels and websites, it is easier than ever to upload and share your videos and photos online with millions of people.

Why would you want to learn the funny meaning of Urdu quotes? If you are looking for a great holiday or a funny quote for your friends and loved ones, you definitely need to know about them. You might have heard about them but never really bothered to study their true meanings and their uses. I assure you this is not the case. Learn how to understand their true meaning and funny meanings before you use them for anything.

A lot of people use these kinds of words daily. They are often used in Urdu movies and news reports. They are popularized through Urdu movies, television serials, daily newspapers, funny jokes on national television and the like. This article will highlight the true meaning of a few important Urdu words and their famous applications.

“May God bestows his presence (this)” – This Urdu phrase means ‘In the presence of God’. You may find this saying being used a lot in Urdu movies, especially those that tell the story of the prophet Muhammad (SAW), though it is also used for other religious occasions. The literal meaning is ‘In our Lord’s hands’ or simply ‘O God greater glory’. The word ‘yadasht ka makahffaf meaning literally means ‘plingish (referring to Muslim payment of obeisance)”.

“May he bestow his powers on me (na khata)” – This is another funny quote and commonly used in Urdu. The literal translation is ‘In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful’. When used as a joke it usually means something similar to ‘In the presence of God, please forgive me’. This is a popular theme in Urdu funny quotes and can be found in a large number of Urdu funny videos. The single word ‘na khata’ means ‘not in my name’ so you are sure that it is not a curse word.

“A penny saved is a penny earned” – This is yet another very famous Urdu joke. Often you will find the saying written on any wall or card that is placed inside a house or granth sahib. The funny thing is that there is no basis of this saying except that a penny saved is a penny earned. Many people have made their own funny memes by using this saying and by adding a few other words to make it even more funny.

The above mentioned are just a few of the many famous Urdu jokes and we cannot mention them all here. But we can mention a couple of them and explain how exactly the correct meaning of an Urdu Meme can change depending on the context in which it is used. There are many ways to derive a proper definition for an Urdu joke from the context in which it is used. Hence it becomes all the more important to study the culture in order to get to know the right meaning of all the Urdu jokes and the manner in which they are being used.

In fact the subject of Memes in Urdu is so wide that it is impossible to discuss all its subparts in one article. However we can provide some examples and elaborate a bit about each of them so as to give a rough idea of how their meaning varies depending on the usage. So if you are looking for a proper definition for an Urdu joke then it would be worth your while to spend some time studying the rich cultural heritage of the country and getting a good sense of its history. A good way to start the process is by searching online for a good and complete verse of the joke you want to derive from the Urdu context. From there you can learn how the word was used in the context of traditional courts and the places in which the comedians themselves lived. Then you can use all this information to derive a proper meaning for your own jokes.

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